September’s Roundup: Enhancements in Questions app, Loyalty & Rewards app, Email Templates Editor, and other small fixes

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Oct 10, 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.


Hey! People are back from vacations, children are back at school, and the heater is already prepared to heat you on the increasingly chilly mornings. Yes, the summer is officially over.

August has been a time of intense activity at Growave. Our team has been working hard on many things that you may not see, but they make your sales experience better. We have refined the Analytics section, improved Questions app, Email Templates Editor, and fixed other minor issues.  

You don’t still notice big differences?  Then please find all these sweet updates here below.

New Questions app

As a shop owner, you have to answer many questions from regular and new customers. And the ability to respond to these questions well and fast is the key point between winning and losing in sales.  We have redesigned the interface of Q&A to make it more comfortable for you to react to the customers’ feedback. Moreover, we have merged the Questions with the Reviews app on the dashboard.


Customer engagement. Now your shoppers can interact with each other by asking and answering questions. Our app will let a verified buyer respond to the question. And all given answers will be displayed on the product page.

If you are worried about answers that were given in a way that you would not want to display, you can open the Questions admin panel and unpublish answers. 


Reply request email. You will be able to choose whether to give an answer right there or just via email. Also, if you wish you can send a reply request email to the verified buyer who has already bought that particular item to do that for you.


Improved Email Templates Editor

We have facilitated the editing process of email templates. Everything related to them has been placed at one place on the dashboard. Now you have the quickest way to design elegant responsive email.

No need to send a test email. We have launched a new ‘Preview’ option in the editor that allows you to see the message in the same look as it will get to a customer’s email box.


Refreshed Loyalty and Rewards app

We have added a couple of rewards that can help you not only keep the regular shoppers but also attract new ones. Now you can encourage your most engaged customers to shop even more.

Follow on Instagram:  you can easily kill two birds with one stone – grow your audience on Instagram and motivates your customer base to engage with your brand.

Punch cardBuild deeper relationships with your customers. Let them shop and get benefits for their repeated purchases. You can set it and forget it right on the dashboard. Simply customize the punches and points to fit your business, our rewards app will do the rest, automatically tracking every action of your customers for you.


Refined Analytics section

There is no limit to perfection. So we have greatly improved our Statistics to make it super easy for monitoring the dynamics of revenue. In the new metrics, you will be able to check progress due to the different features (Wishlist, Reviews, Instagram, Rewards, Sharing campaigns, etc), i.e. it will display figures for each app separately and collectively generated by the whole app.


Hope you will enjoy this update. If you haven’t tried our app yet, install it for free and monitor your progress with our app.