How to use web push notifications to turn your subscribers into customers

Web push notifications are increasingly picking up popularity as an effective channel for customer engagement. But just like every other marketing channel, push notifications do not come with a one-strategy-fits-all approach. Stores need to understand who their subscribers are, what will make them complete a purchase and then create a push notification campaign.

To make things simpler, we analyzed the top-grossing Shopify stores and how they use web push notifications to turn subscribers into customers.


Web push campaigns to turn subscribers into customers

1. Flash sales

A typical online shopper is price-sensitive. The one thing that can immediately nudge a subscriber to make a purchase, is a good discount – one that they can avail only for a limited period on their favorite products. Flash sales are used by almost all Shopify stores to drive more purchases.  

With PushOwl, you can set up an automated campaign to notify subscribers of an upcoming flash sale and reminders so that they don’t miss the deals.


2. Price drop

If you don’t have a flash sale running, fret not. You can still keep your subscribers engaged. Notify them of price drops on products they have previously shown interest in and see them come back instantly to make the purchase!

Alternatively, you can also notify them of price drops on the popular products on your Shopify store.


3. Product promotion  

Just like flash sales, you can use web push notifications to bring products from your Shopify store to the subscriber’s attention. Here are a few ways of using web push for product promotion:

I. Launch new products

Build a web push campaign that releases sneak peeks of an upcoming product to keep your subscribers engaged. Notify them of the highlights they should be looking forward to!


II. Promote popular products

If you have a range of products that are fast-selling, use web push notifications to further ramp up the sales. A quick message that shows the product, what makes it so popular and a smart call to action is all the nudge you need to make.  


III. Make product recommendations

Recommend new products based on what the subscriber has previously shown interest in or purchased from your store. Use the opportunity to help them discover new ranges that they might have missed.


3. Social proof  

If your subscribers haven’t been making purchases, there is a high chance that they are skeptical about your products. They might not be sure if you will deliver the quality promised or if the product would look as it does in product images in real.

That’s where you put the one conversion optimization hack in use to craft a high-converting web push notification. Social proof.

Share customer testimonials, reviews or even user-generated content like photos of customers using your product.  


4. Holiday or event focused

What better way to nudge your subscribers to make a purchase other than holidays or events that already have their spirits up?

Based on the location your customers are from, you can plan out web push notification campaigns to join in the festivities or even ask them to participate in an event. All you need to do is pick out products that suit your message!

For example, if it is Easter, you can promote Easter gifts from your Shopify store.


Or when an event like the ‘No Shave November’ comes around, you could promote products that your customers could use.


5. Limited editions/ Specials

If your store sells limited edition products, it is time to use them to turn your subscribers into customers.

Highlight what’s different about your products, letting them know how they are available in limited stock. But at the same time, also let them know that you’re reaching out to them first with the products to make them feel special.

Turning subscribers into customers

Now subscribers are shoppers who are already aware of your brand and what your Shopify store has to offer. Compared to an online shopper who is totally new to your brand, they are easier to convert.

Apart from the above-mentioned campaigns, there are a number of other ways to use web push notifications. You can also automate cart reminders, back in stock notifications and price drops on products subscribers have shown interest in to continually keep them engaged.  

All you need to do is reach out to them at the right time, with the right message!

Have you used web push notifications for your Shopify store? What is the one campaign that has helped you turn more subscribers into shoppers?


Author bio   

Vanhishikha Bhargava is a content marketer at PushOwl, an eCommerce web push notification provider for Shopify stores. She can mostly be found digging out growth tactics for online retailers. You can follow her blogs here or talk to her on Twitter.