New VIP program in Loyalty & Rewards app, Integration with Shopify Flow & Klaviyo, and other great enhancements

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Nov 14, 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.

Howdy! Leaves are falling from the trees, there’s already a chill in the air, and people start to make big shopping lists before “Day X”. For dedicated bargain hunters, that means one thing: Black Friday is coming!

Though it is 2 weeks away, you need to start getting ready right now. Especially for that we have prepared a sweet update. We have launched a new VIP Tiers program to advance your approach to customer loyalty, integrated our app with Shopify Flow & Klaviyo, done some great enhancements on the dashboard. 

Please see below the brief summary of all updates to get ready for the Black Friday.  

VIP Tiers Program

High Customer Retention Rate. If you are willing to build a strong relationship with your loyal customers, the tiered rewards program can become the most powerful and long-term tool to achieve this. With new VIP tiers, you will be able to make your best shopper feel like an elite member of a closed privileged community around your store.

Let your customers get a special status which makes them stand out and more connected to your brand instead of just earning points until the end of their life. It is a key feature for high customer retention performance.   


Create tiers that differentiate you from competitors. You can build your own VIP program an endless number of times. You only need to set unique ranks and benefits for each of them. It will add exclusivity to the rank owners and give them a feeling of superiority when they receive extra benefits and perks.

For example, you can name tiers as Silver-Gold-Platinum, or Friend-Good Friend-Best Friend, or maybe Exclusive-Elite-Royal and so on. Every new tier marathon will make your customers participate to unlock a higher level again and again, i.e. reliably and for a long time binding them to your brand.

Fully Customizable VIP tiers. You can create various tiers with their unique names and appearance, setting certain ranks and privileges corresponding to them in the form of a higher coefficient when awarding points for the same actions or giving an additional discount. Moreover, you can easily manage its settings, enable/disable or even delete tiers in the admin panel.

Run special program for your high-value customers: You can choose one of the criteria listed in the tiers program (earned points; spent money; made orders) as an achievement condition for the rank and set the threshold for obtaining a desirable status. And depending on the customer’s performance, s/he will be awarded accordingly.

Moreover, you can reward a customer with extra points for the performance of certain actions, i.e. you can multiply the promised points of your honored customer as many times as you like.

Members.  Monitor all members’ activity in your shop. You can easily keep track of their progress in the ‘Members’ section of the dashboard under their profile. The app will automatically send the notification email to the customer after s/he has reached a certain rank. Also, a newly achieved status will be displayed in the profile.

Integration with Shopify Flow & Klaviyo

Shopify Flow is the awesome platform for Shopify Plus merchants. It allows to simplify and automate backend tasks, winning extra time for you to put the focus more on sales. Especially, it’s the best solution for time-consuming, repetitive tasks. There is no need to have coding skills as it has a simple logic: trigger, condition, and action. And the most thing we love about Shopify Flow is its feature to tag customers. This is very helpful when you need to send emails just to a certain category of your customers based on the amount of money they spent or any other significant conditions.

Reviews and Wishlist Emails Campaign.  We have launched the integration with Klavyio to send our Reviews and Wishlist reminders through the Klaviyo app. It is available in our Enterprise planSince this is a large email campaign integration, we have prepared for you a detailed tutorial.

If you would like to try this and many other features to improve conversion, please install our app for free here.