October’s roundup: Improvements in Instagram Photos, Wishlist, Sharing apps and more

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Oct 24, 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 6, 2019.


Yay! We are very excited to announce a new update that we rolled out last week. We’ve improved Instagram app’s design and logic, made it easier to launch sharing campaigns, improved stats for Wishlist so that you could easily find a needed data, and made some minor bug fixes. We are trying to keep improving to better serve your needs. We hope you will love this update. Please take a look at what we have launched in the past month below.


Instagram Photos

Instagram app for Shopify

  • Hotspot numbers are more subtle when hovering on the photo, indicating that there are tagged items. So this should add a more potential to bring in revenue.
  • Now when creating a separate page for a gallery, you will have all 3 options: listing, grid, and slide.
  • Galleries have been optimized and adapted nicely to the various screen sizes. So it much more convenient for customers to navigate.



We’ve added a small but important tool. Now you can easily find out whether guests or registered members have added a certain product to wishlists. You can simply hover over the product in our dashboard and click on a small arrow. So you can find out customers and export them for campaigns you are running.

wishlist for shopify


Social Sharing

  • A creation of sharing campaigns has been simplified to only 2 steps so that you can configure them easier and launch faster.
  • Customers will get discounts for each sharing offer, i.e. they can get for both sharing a site and for sharing a review.
  • Now every sharing campaign can be displayed not only in the form of the popup but also as a notifier box at the right bottom side.

sharing app for shopify

So these design changes make it a simple and effective tool to make your customer present you on social media and encourage action.



Improved displaying a date of the review and added an icon using which you can publish and hide reviews. One more thing you might have noticed is a small “All reviews by This User” feature. So customers can see all the review left by a certain customer.

reviews for shopify

We’ve added a new option of sending review request emails to old orders. If you just installed our app, our app can help you with it. You can follow up to let customers know that you appreciate their opinion and show that you care about their satisfaction. It can also help you get an increase in sales and reviews generated.

reviews to past orders


Discount manager

Now it’s much easier to create discounts for apps in which discounts are used. When clicking on “Create Discount”, a pop-up appears that makes helps you create a needed discount in a couple of clicks.


Minor bug fixes and design improvements:

  • Social Login pop-up that was getting blocked by some browsers.
  • Items displayed without an image in Wishlist.
  • Doubled sharing icons on product pages and incorrect links in our dashboard.
  • Comments: improved styles of comments in our dashboard so you could easily manage them.


We’d be happy to get your feedback (as always). Please let us know what you think in the comments below or contact us. And if you haven’t tried our app yet, get it for free.