November’s Roundup: Reviews slider, counter, updated tab, speed optimization, & bunch of improvements

November roundup for SocialShopWave app

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Nov 29, 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.


Hey! After big sales, it’s time to shake things up and get ready for the reviving Christmas spirit. We have prepared a bunch of updates to help you with it.

We are super excited to announce November’s release! In this update, we’ve optimized a loading speed, redesigned a dashboard for autoresponders, made big changes in Reviews app, and prepared a case study here so that you could have a vision how the app could be used efficiently. We’ve rounded up all enhancements below. If you have any feature requests or ideas, feel free to share.


Improved a process of leaving reviews via email. When customers use email when leaving a review in order to verify that this email belongs to the customer, we send an email. It’s needed to check to whom a certain email belongs to.

Reviews Carousel. A new widget that picks and displays reviews from your site. It’s implemented in the form of a slider that displays several rotating reviews. This slider can be placed literally on any pages of your Shopify store. So it can be a great addition to reviews on product pages. It will help you increase visitors trust and leverage reviews since they will be right in front of your customers.

Reviews helpful counter shows how many visitors counted certain to review as helpful. It can help your customers verify how authentic the review is and see if they can rely on it. Moreover, it reflects a real and honest view of a certain product from its feedback to the potential buyers.

A page for leaving reviews has been improved. Now we add a small description of the product so that customers would know which product a customer is leaving a review.

Review tab has been changed. Now it opens a full size on the left side similar to the wishlist tab. We hope it will help you increase engagement and drive traffic to your product pages.


Speed Optimization

Loading speed is a crucial element in the success of every shop. This has been a headache for months. But finally, we are releasing an update that includes a huge improvement in the speed of displaying. We’ve removed all of the unneeded, duplicating codes and compressed our files as much as possible.


Social Sharing

After purchasing or leaving a review, the app shows a pop-up with an offer to share for a reward. But customers used to accidentally close the window and couldn’t open it again. We’ve solved it by showing a discount button. A customer can always click on it and find a code. Moreover, we’ve made it more visible so that customers could easily notice it.



We have made some design changes and bug fixes in the Analytics section along with improving “connect/disconnect account” feature. It improves the interaction of visitors which makes it more convenient for customers to buy items right from galleries.


Other enhancements


Now you can use created discounts for different campaigns. For example, if you have created a discount for sharing the site, you can also use it for leaving reviews. You can see a list of discounts you have created when launching any campaign. So it’s more flexible and convenient to use.


We’ve greatly improved our dashboard for autoresponders, so now you can easily create and launch automated emails. Undeeded settings have been removed so you won’t get lost in millions of settings.


We’ve greatly improved a design starting from our wishlist tab displayed on the right side to wishlists page where customers can find their lists.


We really hope you will like these enhancements. If you haven’t tried the platform yet, install it for free and try many more features to improve conversion.

If you have any questions or ideas for new features, let us know in the comments!