March’s Roundup: Integration with Shopify POS and Ampify Me, enhancements in Loyalty & Rewards and Reviews products, and more


Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be. To enhance this wonderful taste of change, we have prepared many sweet and long-awaited updates for you.

We have released the integration with Shopify POS to make it possible for you to reward your shoppers every moment you want, even offline. Another integration between Growave and Ampify Me will make your product reviews load more instantly, giving customers a smooth, engaging experience. We have greatly improved the Loyalty & Rewards product, you will especially like its new point expiration feature.

Let’s take a look in detail to updates here below.


Integration with Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

You asked… we did! Now you can apply all the advantages of our Rewards program not only to online customers but also onto in-store ones. Due to this integration, our Loyalty & Rewards program became an Omnichannel Rewards service that will let you store and track both online and offline purchases, enroll all customers into your rewards program and redeem their points in both places.

If you have not used Shopify POS or are still in doubt, it is a great option, which let you sell across multiple locations, and channels, accept payments and offer standout customer experiences.

* This integration is available on the Enterprise plan.


How to Get Started

Step 1. Install the Shopify POS app on your smartphone or tablet, if you already have a Shopify account, you’ll be prompted to log in. Then the app will automatically fill up with all the products you sell.

Step 2. Install the Growave platform and enable Loyalty & Rewards product. It automatically will be added to Shopify POS’s list.

Step 3. Proceed to use the Rewards program within Shopify POS. You will need just to tap the menu icon on the checkout page and choose the Growave from the list.

You will be able to complete the following actions: create new or choose among existing members from your Rewards program; give points to customers directly on the cart page; apply available discounts to the checkout; redeem points on available coupons and refund reward if the discount has not been used so that points will be added back into customer’s account.

But prior, you just need to take the next easy steps:

  1. Add the product(s) to the cart
  2. Add customer
  3. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the window to launch our Growave

That’s it!

 Ampify Me Integration

Now you can get your reviews pages instantly loaded providing your customers with an awesome engaging on-site experience. In turn, it will greatly increase your sales, because everyone prefers a site that performs well, and the faster loading times play a key role especially when you browse the store via mobile.

Ampify Me is a super comfortable solution for optimizing mobile pages that uses the latest technology and best practices. It will make your store consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

Moreover, the integration between our Reviews product and Ampify Me will let you showcase not just text reviews but also star ratings on beautiful instantly-loading pages. There is an easy setup without coding skills required.


 How to Get Started

* This integration is available on our Growth plan.

Step 1. Install the Ampify Me and activate the integration:

– Go to the admin panel of Ampify Me >> Themes >> Customize >> Add section.

– Find Growave in the list.

Step 2.  Click on the checkbox to enable Growave Reviews.

That’s it!


Improved Loyalty & Rewards program

New Point Expiration feature. It isn’t enough just to reward your customers with points. Because the termless period for points exchange, in general, devalues the earned points. Customers will not rush to redeem or spend them, which will dramatically reduce their activity in your store.

Now it is not a problem – we have launched Point Expiration for the reward program! This new feature will give you the power to re-engage and encourage your customers to come back. Moreover, a set expiration date for points acts as a motivation instrument to make your customers shop more from you in order not to lose their earned points.

Simple configuration of settings. Nobody knows your customers better than you. So please set a points expiration time in the admin panel as you want. Moreover, you can notify them about it with a kind reminder letter before the points expired.


New Reviews feature

Showcase the best reviews and win the trust! We have developed a new feature so that you can synchronize reviews from your multiple stores that you use for several locations USA, Canada, UK, China, etc. It can help you to collect more photo reviews, display the best ones on your site and increase sales.

You can easily find this option in the Reviews admin panel.


If you would like to try this and many other features to improve conversion, please install our app for free here.