May Roundup: Loyalty & Referral programs, Updated “New Business” plan, & other great enhancements

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Jun 1, 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.


We are celebrating one more achievement at GrowaveRewards app. A long-awaited release is finally here and waiting for you! Now you have a chance to build your loyalty and referral programs. You can make customers feel appreciated and incentivize them to remain loyal for years to come. I am sure you and your customers will enjoy the amazing shopping experience ever provided before. Please check a brief summary of all updates below.

Loyalty & Rewards app

Actions & Points. You can encourage your customers to take actions on your site and earn their loyalty to your brand by rewarding them with points.  Actions along with points can greatly help you increase customer’s lifetime value and convert visitors into repeat customers. As a result, these actions can do so much for your brand.

Customers can choose what actions to take in order to earn desired points. We have already included 18 activities that you can use in your store to allow customers to collect loyalty points. The app will automatically notify your customers about their progress, earned points, and available discounts by email to re-engage them once they complete certain actions. An extensive set of the proposed activities can be found in the ‘Earn Points’ tab:


Rewards. Customers can earn points and redeem them to shop more on your site. You can fully manage the amount or percentage of the discounts your customers get.  And the more points customers have, the more discounts they are eligible for. Points can be redeemed in the ‘Rewards’ tab:

  • Free shipping
  • Fixed amount discount
  • Percentage off discount


Referral program. You can benefit by letting your customers earn points or get discounts for referring new ones to your store. For each member, we will generate a unique referral link which will lead to your shop.

Here you can set up discount codes for rewarding both – Referrer and Referred customer, which means that not only your current customers but also newly-referred ones will benefit. As a result, the prospects can be converted to your regular, loyal customers.


Dashboard. In the dashboard you can easily manage all settings of the app: enable or disable actions, change their titles,  and change the appearance. Moreover, we have created detailed statistics so that you would stay on top of things. You can find stats in the Points & Referral program sections.


Members. Customers can easily become members of the Rewarding program once they register on your store. The app allows you to monitor all members and their activity in ‘Members’ section of the dashboard under their profile.

Reviews app

  • Improved the admin panel of the reviews app. Now you can find everything connected to posting on social media in one place.
  • Updated “New Business” plan. Now Photos in Reviews are available in our New Business plan ($29).


We really hope you will like these enhancements. If you haven’t tried the app yet, install it for free and try many more features to improve conversion.

If you have any questions or ideas for new features, let us know in the comments!