January’s Roundup: Enhancements in Reviews & Shop Instagram, integration with Gorgias for new Shopify Flow tasks, and other fixes

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Feb 5, 2019 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.



We are so happy to share with you a portion of new updates we have been working on January. We are applying all of our resources to provide you with the most convenient tools to automate tasks that could help you improve processes and make it much easier to set up the features of our app. 

We have launched the integration between Growave (original name is SocialShopWave) with Gorgias app so that you could speed up and improve your customer support service via Shopify Flow, refined the tools of the Photo Reviews app and Shop Instagram appPlease check these and other sweet updates below.

Integration with Gorgias app for Shopify Flow

All know that the processing of customer contact information is tough enough and can take a lot of time and effort. It affects the process of interaction and communication with customers. And if you want to spend less time speaking to them, as well as offer your customers quick service and aid with solving their issues you should run your business with the proven Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).

Shopify offers lots of CRM software programs that you can implement to your store without any technical knowledge and Gorgias is among such proven Shopify Helpdesk apps.

Gorgias is an all-in-one customer support and live chat helpdesk that connects all your communication channels to manage all your customer support in one place while contextualizing each customer by drawing upon a variety of external apps. Also, it allows creating macros that apply to integrated third-party tools and build workflows that prioritize certain customers to kinds of issues.


Now you will not miss any question or negative customer feedback left on your store. Thanks to this integration, you will automatically receive a notification in your Slack channel. Moreover, the flow templates are fully editable.

“Someone left a negative review” – flow. When someone left a bad review a ticket will be automatically created in the Gorgias app. All you need is to download the flow file from our app and add it to your Shopify Flow tasks.

“Someone asked a question” – flow. You can easily add this flow file to your Shopify Flow tasks to receive a message when someone asked about a product in your Slack channel.

Improved Photo Reviews app

Enjoy big size photo! We have greatly increased the size of the photo in the review. It can help you to collect more photo reviews, earn trust and increase sales.


A new option in the reviews tab. Now you can answer the customer questions and your answers will appear in the reviews tab.

Unite reviews. Now you can display the overall rating in the product listings not limited to just 1 product rating.

Shop Instagram app

Editing gallery.  We have added a new option for Masonry layout in the dashboard so that you could easily specify the number of rows to display on your site.


If you would like to try this and many other features to improve conversion, please install our app for free here.

Along with these amazing updates, we have partnered with Cart2Cart. If you are looking for ways to move your shopping cart, then Cart2Cart is for you. It can help you get your cart migrated to a new platform easily.