How to leverage the power of reviews and loyalty program to boost sales

We all know how it is to be a newbie somewhere, that feeling of confusion, a bit of frustration and even anxiety. Won’t try to act cool, I hate to go somewhere for the first time.

We all need support when beginning and some hints would just make our lives easier. It’s really interesting that people’s behavior doesn’t change if they are online – it still feels a bit uncomfortable. Recently, Shopify researched thousands of stores, surveyed 3832 merchants and 2653 customers. It says that the new users are likely to make a purchase on the site that has an alive atmosphere.

According to that report over 62 million buyers around the world have bought from the same store twice, with buyers purchasing 3.8 times on average from the same store. As mentioned in Shopify’s report, running an e-commerce store and increasing sales is all about a fight for brand loyalty. Your success entirely depends on how you build a relationship with your customers and make them loyal to your brand. So how can you win this “war” and get repeat buyers?

As we all know, earning loyalty and trust is quite difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort. But it’s definitely not rocket science. You only need to find the right way and tools to make your people happy and loyal.

It all starts with earning trust and reliability! 

When visiting any online store first-time visitors and customers want to make sure that they do not get scammed. It’s becoming widely-spread practice when buyers wait for their orders for days/weeks and never receive them. That’s why Amazon and other marketplaces are getting more and more popular because of their customer protection policies. Things get even worse when your customers get the totally wrong size or color. If you ever bought something online, you probably faced such a problem. 


But hey! We are all lucky to have Shopify’s ecosystem that provides amazing tools that can help you win the game. Customer testimonials and reviews are here to help you with that. There are many other factors that affect your reputation, but we believe that the main element of trust is reviews. Because we all know that people trust one another. So having testimonials placed on the right places is the key to earning trust. For example, the reviews tab and updated review slider from Growave can help you with that. You can fully customize them from the dashboard so that it would fit your brand’s design. 

On top of it, in order to prove that your products are worth trying, make sure that you don’t miss a chance to highlight the details when customers leave a review. “Custom Questions” can help you ask questions related to product details and get smart, detailed reviews from your customers. So by letting your potential customers get to know your products better with detailed parameters, you can easily earn their trust. When expectations match reality and customers get what they ordered, that’s when you start earning their trust.


It’s all about brand loyalty!

Now after successfully earning trust and having your first-time visitors to purchase something, you have another step ahead of you. You need to make sure you are adding value and making them feel that you really care. You can give an option for customers to earn points for actions in your store. 

Simple is a new black: allowing your customer to simply redeem their points right at the checkout page can do a big difference. A great idea, isn’t it? Our team has released this amazing feature to help you sell more by making it really simple to redeem points without a need to do it on the separate or on the Rewards tab. Here is an example of how it works:


After all these, now you are there for repeat purchases from your loyal customers. You can go ahead and get the most out of your customers’ positive attitude towards your brand. Those customers could be a source of testimonials. So you can reach out to old customers to solicit feedback on their past purchases and reward them with points to incentivize them to buy more. So you do 2 things at once:

  1. You bring them back to get their feedback and if there was an issue, fix it.
  2. Make more sales: assign them points and motivate to use points for the next purchases. 


On top of it, there is another great way to leverage your loyal customers: ask them to spread a word about your brand and get more benefits. You can simply set up and launch a referral program that could work out as a win-win project for both sides. Since your customers are happy with your brand and see the value, they will gladly recommend you to their family, friends, colleagues, etc. After all, you can use a simple tactic of leveraging loyal customers. Use your power of influence on your customers to up-sell and cross-sell your products. 


That’s how you leverage relationships with your most loyal customers. As mentioned at the beginning it’s a daunting task, but if you handle it correctly, it’s the quickest way to generate new revenue for your company!