How to convert interest of visitors to sales?

There are tons of tools with the help of which you can learn if visitors are interested in a certain item. In our case, it is a Wishlist product that not only simplifies and improves a shopping experience but also gathers information about the interests of your visitors. But how to convert this information to sales?

Usually, buyers gather their favorite items to wishlists, but their interest in the products can be totally different. It could be items for comparing that they are planning to buy in the nearest time. On the other hand, it can be the list of items that visitor would like to buy in the future or simply a needed size or the color of goods that are missing at that moment on your site. Our goal is to find out a key for each case and help you in making customers purchase.


Everyone is aware of the magic power of discounts for motivating visitors to buy. You can successfully use it for the motivation of your visitors by offering sales or even a slight decrease in prices for the items customers are interested:



If the visitor hesitates and constantly postpones the purchase, then something that can encourage him may be an urgency caused by the fact that the favorite item may be sold out soon. The urgency of purchase has already proved its efficiency to make customers come to a faster decision about a purchase (15 ways e-commerce sites can use urgency to increase conversions) and using it in e-mails won’t be less efficient since we already know in which item the customer is interested:


Personalised Product Recommendations

People who shop online have their own interests, and their browsing pattern reveals the same. Personalised product recommendations are carousels that are unique to each visitor based on their browsing history within the store. They increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and conversion as they display products closest to the visitor’s interest.

Tagalys is one of the leading products in the market for personalized product recommendations which displays tailor-made results personalised to each visitor.

Back in Stock

There is nothing more terrible than losing a potential buyer only because of the fact that the liked item is not available. In this case, the best thing is to offer an e-mail notification when it is back in the store:


Missing Variants

Along with many great features, Wishlist product has one that is pretty helpful allowing visitors to add items to their Wishlists, even if the variants of the option is missing. For instance, Jane is interested in buying black shoes of the 41st size that is missing in your store. If there are many visitors like Jane, it makes sense to produce the desired variant of the shoes and to notify all subscribed customers:


Last months we were working on the idea of converting the interest of visitors to sales. Now we have implemented this idea and it is available for you with the Growave platform. It sends the right email notifications to the right people at the right time. So you can set it up once and forget about it.

You can give it a try by going to Automated Emails section in our Admin panel. If you don’t have Growave installed on your site, then you can install it for free and try many more features to improve conversion.

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