December’s Roundup: Integration with Searchanise and Tobi, a new option in the Loyalty & Rewards app, and other small fixes

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Jan 21, 2019 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.


Welcome back!

Hope that you had a wonderful winter holidays break and enjoyed special time on Christmas and New Year celebration. The new 2019 year is already running and we are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve got a bunch of sweet updates for you. We have integrated Growave with Searchanise app. Searchanise helps shop owners to set a complex but simple and user-friendly search, navigation, and selling tool in their store. Now you can increase sales by giving the best search results to your customers. Also, we have launched the integration with Tobi, done some other great improvements in Loyalty & Rewards app.



Searchanise is an all-in-one solution designed to ensure maximum conversion through search. The app supports different languages and works great on every device. Powerful analytics features empower you to analyze data and optimize the results.

Searchanise includes:

  • search results of high relevance,
  • smart filters for search results and collections,
  • promo tools as merchandising, labels, personalization and recommendations,
  • profound analytics and A/B testing to be sure it works, etc.

Also, it allows you to filter products by reviews which makes it easier for your customers to find the best articles in your store!

Searchanise Integration

The integration between our Photo Reviews app and Searchanise can increase your conversions and sales by showcasing product ratings in search results. It will greatly improve the search results page in your Shopify store due to the multifunctional search results widget.

How to Get Started

Install Searchanise with 30% discount to get started here.

Step 1. Enable the Growave (original name is SocialShopWave) from Reviews apps list in the Searchanise admin panel: Apps > Smart Search & Instant Search > Integrations > Growave and save by clicking ‘Apply Changes’    


Step 2. Update your search result page: Smart Search & Instant Search > Dashboard > click ‘Force re-indexation’ button. That’s it!


After the indexation is complete, you will see your Growave product reviews in the search widgets:


Tobi Integration

Now you can send rather more automatic text messages for review request and wishlist reminders through Tobi app. It will create a new seamless shopping experience. There is one-click installation button in the admin panel after you have installed the app you will only need to click on the ‘edit messages’ button and choose which push notification you would like to send out.

Sell more with SMS

Greatly increase your customers’ trust and engagement reaching out to them via SMS. No coding skills are required. All the settings for transforming existing automated emails into the SMS notifications are right there in the admin panel of our app.

Reviews: you can easily enable/disable Reminder #1, edit the message, preview it and get your customers with the best text message.    


Wishlist: there are several different and fully customizable push notifications: “Something you like is back in stock”, “Something you like will be sold out soon”, “Something you like is on sale”, etc. It’s easy as pie! Just enable the appropriate one and send out.


Improved Loyalty & Rewards app

People love snapping pics and like to share it. Well, let them do it! 🙂 Now it is possible thanks to the last improvement in the Photo Reviews app.

It won’t take much effort to convince them to share photos with their reviews to a liked product especially when there is a reward for this action. Moreover, it will make your new shoppers feel much more confident that they’re at the right store purchasing the best item. Finally, this is one of the most powerful forms of social proof that can make your product pages look amazing.

Reward customers for leaving reviews with photo and win even more sales!


Dashboard. We have greatly improved the Loyalty & Rewards app admin panel. It gives you greater control over rewarding your customers because now you can easily add or remove points of your customers’ balance.

Moreover, after the customer’s points balance has been changed you can notify s/he about it via email.


Hope you enjoy this update. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you haven’t tried our app yet, please install it for free.