All you need is ONE platform!

When running a Shopify store in order to increase sales you have to put a lot of effort to implement various marketing tools including social media. However, you get frustrated with having visitors that leave your site making no purchase. Moreover, you must be tired of many apps with limited features for what you have to pay a considerable part of your budget. Also, while buying different apps you have a different level of support that makes you even more stressed when facing technical issues while you must be thinking of growing your business.

Unlike other solutions, Growave offers an impressive array of mutually compatible products to engage your customers keeping their shopping behavior in mind. The platform can help you make the shopping experience fun, increase customers engagement, earn their trust and loyalty. Instead of having separate apps from different developers all-in-one marketing platform can give you a complete solution. And you only need to keep one email with support of everything. You will have to pay only one monthly fee and get an amazing suite of features.

The platform includes several important and must have products like Social Login, Wishlists, Social Reviews, Instagram Photos, Social Sharing, and many others:


Social Login

A must-have product that allows customers easily signup and login using social accounts. By doing so it allows gathering real email lists while your users socially log in.

Social Login popup


Social Reviews

61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision (Econsultancy). Social Reviews product helps to make the process of collecting reviews very easy. It automatically sends an after purchase email, collects reviews from social media for you and publishes positive reviews on your social pages.

Social Reviews app



It lets your customers save favorites and share them with friends in social media.

Wishlist app


Social Sharing

It allows not only putting sharing icons on the product page but also reward for sharing the products, 5-star reviews, your site, and their purchases.

Social Sharing app for Shopify


Instagram Photos

The completely flexible Instagram product allows not only to show beautiful Instagram images on your store but also to make them shoppable. You can just choose your #hashtags or @username and display the selected photos.

Instagram galleries



So use Growave platform for your businesses and take advantage of it to increase profits! You can at least give it a try since we provide one month of free trial to test. We are sure you will love it as our clients do!